Activities and Events are an integral part of our residents lifestyle. Wunderstand the value and impact of meaningful activities on an individual’s quality of life. Everybody is unique and find different activities to be stimulating and engaging. We try to learn what stimulates, engages and gives purpose to each individual and plan group and one-to-one activities accordingly.  

Our dedicated activities team develop a full calendar of activities that are designed to help support our residents emotional and physical wellbeing. For example, we place an important emphasis on regular exercise as it helps a person maintain mobility and strength as they grow olderTherefore group activities can include classes such as sit-down yoga sessions which help our residents maintain and improve their strength and agility in a fun and stimulating manner. These types of movements are not strenuous and they make an enormous difference in helping people remain active and retain their independence.

We combine the physical activities with social activities, we organize events that enable residents to socialize with one another and also the outside community. Sometimes this will be external trips and sometimes it will be internal events for residents, friends and families. We recognise that our homes are little communities, and an active social life is encouraged here. We always welcome families and friends to visit and attend social events. 

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Mealtimes are an important part of our lifestyle. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of meals that our superb catering team offer every day. We promote the wellbeing of every resident through a positive, nutritious and memorable dining experience in a well-appointed dining area to ensure they are well-nourished, well-hydrated and fulfilled. 

Our professional chefs use fresh ingredients to prepare a range of healthy, nutritionally balanced and delicious meals every day. Our catering team speak to residents both at mealtime and in groups to make sure they know the individual preferences of every resident - the menus are created by our residents. We couple this with social interaction to ensure that your loved one receives a positive dining experience.

Our dedicated catering team pride themselves on the nutritionally dense, tasty meals they continuously prepare for everyone to enjoy. They achieve this, in part, through the desire to push the boundaries of food innovation; from dementia-friendly crockery to nutritionally analysed smoothies, our chefs develop meals that taste, look and do good! 

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We truly understand the importance and role that family and friends play in the lives of our residents. We encourage all relatives and friends to visit as often as possible and become part of our little community. Friends and Families are always welcome.