Activities and Entertainment

Our lifestyle manager, Heather Baker, has been with us for several years and has completed her National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA) level 2 Award in Supporting Activity Provision in Social Care.

Meeting regularly on a 1-1 basis with each resident to assess 'how they are doing' and ascertaining what activities they would be interested in participating in is one of the reasons Heather is so popular with our residents.

She entertains residents, who are confined or prefer to remain in their rooms, with in-room activities in keeping with life-long interests (music, reading, etc.)
Heather not only knows the residents very well but she feels it is important to interact with relatives as they like to know what their loved ones are 'doing'. Often, they get involved at the planning stage and delivery of an activity.

Taymer Friends (volunteers) give vital support in delivering regular group and individual activities as well as external outings twice a month.

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