Music to Palmas’ ears

Palma Silva is a resident at Tithe Farm Care home who is originally from Portugal. Due to the illness Dementia, Palma has reverted to speaking Portuguese. She would reluctantly join in group activities and exercises but would never join in singing along. One afternoon, Magda, a member of staff decided to play some Portuguese songs on her own iPhone for Palma. The next day, Magda went that extra mile by providing a set of earphones for Palma so the latter could hear well. Suddenly, to everyone amazement, Palma started singing along and became oblivious to where she was or who was listening to her. Listening to Portuguese music made Palma less agitated that evening. From that day onwards, Palma would listen to her Portuguese music and sing along in the sitting room with all the other residents and staff and she became much calmer than usual.

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