Cold Snap - Food for the Birds

At the rear of Taymer Nursing Home we are surrounded by farm land. Lots of different wild birds come searching for food. When the cold snap finally came our gentlemen residents offered to make some bird food treats to hang up on bird feeders outside the resident’s windows.

One day we had a DVD on birds in winter and our cat Minnie was very interested and even tried to catch them when she got up close to the television. So, to stop her getting too close to the wild birds outside, Denise, Administrator secured them on bird tables - out of Minnie and Zinky's (our other cat) reach. It was a very productive afternoon. Mind you a few days later there was no evidence of any of them left – it was most probably the squirrels who were the culprits.

Next year I think we will need to invest in SQUIRREL PROOF HANGING WILD BIRD FEEDERS. Our gentlemen did not seem to mind, they had fun as well as socialising together. Afterwards they enjoyed a cup of tea and biscuits.

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