They said - We did!

THEY SAID Residents’ Roger, Peter, Len and Norman were asked by Heather, Lifestyle Co-ordinator if they had anything that they would like her to organise for them. They emphatically said, ‘We would like to play a game of chess’. WE DID As we did not have a chess set - Heather asked family and friends if anyone had an unwanted chess set to borrow. Roger’s family kindly donated one For all to use’. They said we could keep it as it is no longer needed. Len played Heather and they won a game apiece. Roger’s brother-in-law Clive came to visit and played a game with him and also kindly taught some of the moves to Norman who had not played for many years. The gentleman love playing chess and their wish that a regular game session takes place will be firmly on their activity agenda. The current world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen needs to watch out – here we come (metaphorically speaking)!!!

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