Armistice Celebrations

Jack Herbert was born in 1926 in Clophill, a small village near Silsoe, where he lived all his life until he made Taymer his home. He said it is the best thing he did by moving here and has settled in very happily. Jack shared his father and uncles’ military lives with everyone when we celebrated Armistice Day and he showed his father’s medal which he earned in World War 1 when he served in France and Germany. His father’s brothers were regular soldiers before the war but unfortunately died in India. Jack was named after one of the uncles who died of an illness. Jack showed us a picture of him in his army uniform which he wore when he joined up about a year before World War 2 ended. He served in England. He also showed a picture of him a few years ago proudly wearing his medal. After his presentation we sang along to some old favourite war songs, which bought many memories back to the residents and they even shed a tear or two thinking of those days when the brave soldiers gave their lives to make us free.

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