John Bunyan Canal Boat Trip - Bedford

We booked the River Ouse canal boat trip at Bedford about 3 months before the planned trip took place. The very day we went on our trip it rained nearly all day. Undeterred we were able to park our vehicle at the very entrance of the boat boarding area, and the lift took our residents gently down to the seating area. The boat was very stable and calm, and the boat staff made sure we could look out of the window by wiping the condensation off. Half way into the journey refreshments were served. Some chose Cream Tea and others chose a Ploughmen’s Lunch. The trip went from Sovereign's Quay (close to Riverside Bedford) to Cardington and back which was a 2-hour journey. The residents and relatives loved the trip so much so that they want to book another trip next year. They said that the weather did not dampen their spirits. The trip was a great success thanks to the boat crew and volunteer boat staff who looked after the hospitality side of things. We also had Ray, a little lad who came aboard with his mother and other children who was ‘In charge’ – making sure everyone was being good. I think you will agree he is extremely cute and we had permission from mummy to share his picture with you all. You will be able to see the picture of the John Bunyan Canal Boat taken on a dry, sunny day.

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