This is your Life - June Swain

A ‘This is your Life’ was a surprise for resident June Swain when her friends and husband came and shared with the residents her musical career in pictures showed on screen and played a record of her singing; and about her life and the shows she performed in during her Amateur Dramatic days.

She took many leads in Luton Light Opera and her favourite role was Sarah in Guys and Dolls. Later on, when she moved to Ampthill she joined the Ampthill Operatic Society and remained a member for many years. She used to help make costumes for the shows as well.

June’s introduction to music started early when her mother used to sing to her as she was bathed in the copper bath in front of the fire. Henry Hall’s Guest Night was on the radio on a Friday night and they used to sing along to all the well-known songs of the day. At that time, she did not know it but being surrounded by the music programmes on radio lead her to participate in a life of performing in shows on the stage.

She met Tony who was an engineer and he helped with lighting and sound for the shows. After she married Tony she had two girls Nicola and Georgann.

Tony and June enjoyed sporting activities such as swimming, badminton and archery. June had many trophies for archery.

Thank you for sharing your life with us June.

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