Collection of Ties

Heather invited John Faughnan to show some ties from his collection. He cannot quite remember when he started collecting them but to-date he has well over 250. Over the years friends and family bought them for birthday and Christmas presents. He has hardly bought any for himself. The afternoon was full of fun as each tie told its own story as he described how he got each one and showed us some with excellent features. John is a great fan of Elvis Presley and he wore his Presley tie. He has a Minnie and Micky Mouse tie which he wears when he gives talks at weddings (in the picture Stanley is modelling it). The Christmas light tie was made by his students, and the lights ACTUALLY WORKED much to everyone’s delight. The one that Ruth chose to wear was a Christmas Wreath which lit up and played Merry Christmas when you pressed the centre of the wreath. Stanley loved the Christmas tree and lights, Marg giggled when she wore the turkey tie which flapped its wings when she pulled a small lever. Brian chose the tie with a cow on and could not believe the length of the tongue when he pulled it out of the cow’s mouth. John showed his original junior school tie, a British Flag tie, a flowery tie, A St Patrick’s tie, a tie with emoticon’s all over it and so on and so forth... ... Overall all it was a fun time. John thanked those who tried the ties on and for being so welcoming and friendly.

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