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The Beauty of the Harp Our residents were delighted to listen to a classical repertoire of exquisite harp music performed by Heather and Fern, gifted student musicians. Together they performed for our residents and relatives in our beautiful Library. Always a welcome delight, their musical talents touched our residents greatly; some felt it a particularly moving and uplifting performance. Heather and Fern then performed for a few individual residents in their private rooms, much to the residents’ joy and delight! Many commented on their wonderful talent, consummate skill and for their ability to touch their hearts deeply. (27 May 2018)

On Wednesday 9th May, our residents were treated to an exceptional performance by violinist, Lizz Lipscombe. Lizz touched many hearts with her exquisite playing, her lovely manner and warm engagement with our residents. Her music was so beautiful a few were literally moved to tears (but in a good and positive way). Her repertoire was diverse, from Irish/American jigs, to classical and jazz - soothing and very uplifting. Our residents very much look forward to Lizz performing again in July.

Our Cookery Club did wonderfuly with preparing their pizza dough triangles (and huge they were too); topping them with homemade passata sauce, peppers, ham, courgettes, onions, fresh basil and mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheeses. They certainly looked mouthwatering even before cooking! They all said the pizza slices they had at supper were delicious and were very pleased with their efforts, and rightly so!

Once again our Cookery Club engaged in prepping Lemon and Vanilla flavoured butterfly cakes. These were filled with vanilla butter cream and lemon juice and zest butter cream, absolutely delicious! 24 of the little beauties were given out at tea time - perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. They did so well and very happy with the results (yummy they were too)! 20/04/18

Our Cookery Club enthusiastically engaged in preparing delicious homemade white and brown bread rolls. Wonderful to see them kneading the dough, with a little assistance and plenty of cheery encouragement. They all enjoyed the process a great deal but had forgotten how 'hard' it is to knead the dough! The resulting bread rolls looked and smelled divine. All thoroughly enjoyed eating them with their soup! 31/01/18

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